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Dec 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
he'll tell hairy reid to introduce a fall back bill. >> put a bill making sure tax on middle class families don't goup, that unemployment is available for two million people z that lays ground work for additional deficit reductions and economic growth steps we can take in the new year. >> the bill, as the president calls bare minimum isn't what many hoped for, pushing off until next year, larger pron lems of dealing with the cuts. the study by george mason university found cuts will result in two million jobs lost and a $215 billion drop in the nation's gross domestic product. for california, it means defense spending will be cut by half a billion dollars, 12,000 children would lose their access to head head start programs and fewer women would receive screening. 7,000 victims of domestic violence would lose services. 8,000 fewer californians tested for hiv. 296,000 students could see their benefits cut and employment assistance to 143,000 job seekers also cut. uc health systems could face 21 million in cuss cuts. after today's meeting, nancy pelosi said she was encouraged a little
Dec 31, 2012 6:00pm PST
out. after 14 years with the eagles andy reid fire today winningest coach in team history. and a super bowl in 2004, but after a horrific 4-12 campaign deciding wait was time for a change. other head coaches let go today, arizona, buffalo, cleveland, and kansas city fired romo cornell after a 2-14 season. raider as announced they've let go of four assistant coaches. he switched and running back with touchdowns also let go by raiders special teams and line ".q are a lot of decisions going into being a head football coach and a lot of things you're in charge of and you've got to make decisions you think are best for the football team. decisions. >> and brandon jacobs will not return for playoffs. he was suspended for three games. he was upset over a lack of playing game, tweeting about it. >> and i mean unres you have something good to tweet about, niners will figure out what they're going do with the kicker david acres, ranked 30th this year, missing two more field goals yesterday, niner goesing to bring in kickers this week. if it comes down to acres foot, this could mean trouble
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2